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sad Rika

Higanbana Chapter 4

Kisuke-centric, hints of Kisuke/Isshin, Ryuuken/Kisuke, Ichigo/Kisuke.
Warning: angst, hurt/comfort

Chapter 4

-date unknown-

Kisuke pushed the gikongan past the gigai's lips and waited for it to wake up. He'd kept many test gikongan's for Isshin's gigai, but this one in particular had been noted for being too aggressive.

Just what Kisuke needed.

The gigai opened his eyes and smiled in a sultry way at Urahara, checking out the body under that thin robe he wore to sleep.

Rough hands pushed away the sides of his robe to touch the blonde's chest, leaning in for a searing and passionate kiss which Kisuke responded to.

"Oh, Isshin...." he moaned, and let Isshin's gigai and gikongan push him on the futon, pulling away at their sashes for easy access. Kisuke moaned and writhed under the hard body on top of his, he hadn't noticed but Isshin's body was fit, like he worked out even though it wasn't obvious.

He moaned again once he felt a heavy hand caress his inner thigh, parting his legs roughly. Isshin had been a little gentler, but this was fine too.

The gigai kissed along the blonde's neck, making him moan and writhe more as he pushed down his body, letting his awakening hardness rub against the blonde's skin.

"You're soft..." Isshin mumbled, either as a comment or a compliment.

Legs were parted and raised, making him whine, either in pleasure or complaint but he let Isshin do it. One quick thrust and the gigai was balls-deep inside, holding the body beneath him down with his weight.

"I love you....I love you so much, Kisuke..."

Hot lips kissed along the blonde's neck, making him pant and cry out as he moved along with those fierce thrusts, his body on fire and complaining at the abuse he was put through. The gigai was definitely strong and forceful, the skin under his hands becoming bruised, but Kisuke liked that, he wanted that, he wanted to be hurt and abused by Isshin, only Isshin, always Isshin....

The gigai cried out when Kisuke suddenly tightened up, coming all over between their chest and prompting the faux body above him to cum inside him as well.

Kisuke panted and laid still for a second, sitting up a bit to punch the gikongan out of the gigai when his lover's body suddenly hugged him tight, making him lay down again.

"Wait.....let's stay like this a bit...."

He should've said no, but....Kisuke had been waiting forever to hear similar words.

~After the winter war~
February 3
Sensho - Good luck before noon, bad luck after noon

Kisuke swiped the broom one more time, sending all the little dust bunnies outside his new shop. The original one had been destroyed in the war, along with all his merchandise his training ground and all of his belonging.

This time he was alone though. Jinta and Ururu had outlived their usefulness just enough to make a small difference in the war, and Tessai had been allowed back in Soul Society, again as captain of the Kido corps. Urahara was happy for him, Tessai really had had little hand in the vaisard incident so it was unfair to keep him out of his rightful position just to keep around a helping hand.

Renji had promised to visit once he opened shop again, but he hadn't showed up yet, he would've been surprised at the big difference between the new shop and the old one.

Kisuke still had his door opened for any shinigami that needed a refuge in the living world, but the blond had decided to no longer meddle with Soul Society affairs. To much hurt had been caused by him and he'd been hurt back enough to know his place now; and besides, he'd grown used to life in the living world and the little pleasures absent in Seireitei.

He had all but forgotten about Ichigo's proposal. He hadn't had time to think about things like love and relationships, so it came as a surprised when Ichigo showed up on his doorstep, blushing and fidgeting like the teen he still was.

"Ura....Kisuke-san. About what I said before the war..."

It took the blonde a moment to remember but he invited Ichigo in with a sigh, offering tea and crackers for the meanwhile.

What to do? What to do? Ichigo was barely legal, but that paled in comparison with the fact that Urahara was more than decades older, and Ichigo was the son of his former crush.

Ichigo had stopped fidgeting and now he just looked expectant, like he was sure what the answer would be.

Urahara was sure Ichigo didn't even know what he was getting into....

"Ichigo.....are you sure about this? You're still young and I'm centuries older...."

"That doesn't mean we can't connect. Kisuke-san, I love you...."

"Ichigo.....does your father even know?"

"I haven't told him, but I don't care if he knows or if he finds out, I just want you."

Ichigo slid closer, placing his hand over Urahara's. Kisuke jerked his hand away. "Ichigo!"

"Don't tell me you're a virgin...!"

"Of course not! But you are!"

"Says who?"

Kisuke stayed quiet for a while, blinking. "W-with who?"

"Not telling."

"Then if you can be with someone your age you don't need to be with me."

"The answer's no, Ichigo. I'm sorry but I can't."

He would be lying if he said he absolutely hadn't want to. But it would've been for all the wrong reasons, but especially because he was Isshin's son, never mind the companionship he craved. He would stand being the loneliest person on earth if he could only stay by Isshin's side like he did now.

"Ichigo, you probably don't really like me that way, you just--"

He couldn't continue with his lecture since he was silenced by Ichigo's mouth over his, kissing him softly.

Kisuke couldn't help but melt into the kiss. It had been so long since anyone had kissed him, especially such a soft kiss. He hated to admit it, but he felt so reject and unloved, especially without Tessei or Jinta or Ururu or even Yoruichi to remind him of his worth.

"Oh!" He sobbed and wrapped his arms around Ichigo's neck, realizing how badly he needed company, even if it was Ichigo who offered it, even if it was forbidden by society. He didn't care, he needed it, he was done punishing himself and self-harming his soul, driving anyone who cared away on purpose. Ichigo was offering him exactly what he wanted, and god dammit he was going to take it!

To be continued...Chapter 5

Urahara is not gonna end up with Ichigo in the real end. So who do you want Kisuke to end up with? There's Isshin, Ryuuken and the other character that has appeared with Kisuke in bed (he is named, he's someone from the manga); I migth count the Isshin gigai too.

The ending's gonna be sad anyway.


Woo, I like this! *___*
They're pictured so well... You completely see how they mature and change with the time and the happenings in their life.
Even though they might not be exactly acting like they do in the anime (in their true life), I completely can imagine them feeling that way (or similary to it).
And it also goes with the changing, maturing/aging and summing it all up I say this is perfect!
You're still my favorite lj writer!
What's there more to say... Update soon!
Thanks~! I'm glad you like it, I think Kisuke would be a really melancholic person so yeah.

*hug* Thanks for the encouragement ^_^