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Higanbana - Chapter 5

Kisuke-centric, hints of Kisuke/Isshin, Ryuuken/Kisuke, Ichigo/Kisuke.
Warning: angst, hurt/comfort

Chapter 5

"Smoking in bed doesn't fit you."

Kisuke ignored that teasing voice and took another deep breath of his cancer stick.

"Shut up..."

"So, keep telling me. You accepted Ichigo's offer then?"

"I couldn't say no...."

"But there's me, am I not enough?"

"Of course not, you only satisfy me when you want."

"Well....that's unfortunately true," he laughed and pressed close to Kisuke.

February 5
Senbu - Bad luck before noon, good luck after noon

Noons were still pretty damn cold despite the sun being high up in the sky. Kisuke almost expected it to snow again any moment now, it would be kinda nice to really enjoy the snow, unlike at that time during the battle with Aizen.

Kisuke felt the cup of coffee warm his hands slowly. Ryuuken had invited him out for a little outing but so far he had said nothing, the conversation had been pretty one-sided; the shop was doing fine, even though he was the only one manning it, he had faithful customers.

He avoided talking about Isshin, or Ichigo, or the shinigami. Ryuuken had said he wore his heart once his sleeve, bah! He had been vulnerable at that time, he could be just as good at hiding his feelings.

"Feeling okay, Kisuke?" Ryuuken finally smoke, taking a sip of his American coffee.

He found the question a bit odd, seeing that it was pretty much all he'd talked about, but he managed a small smile for the doctor.

"Yes, I've been okay. I wish I had a little company but I'm filling out my day okay."


"Yeah, I have a small garden, did I tell you that? Tessai left behind some seeds he wanted to harvest, so I put them to good use."

Ryuuken didn't show any change in his face, no smile nor frown, nothing to indicate what he thought. Kisuke sighed softly, he didn't want to be guessing around what Ryuuken was thinking of him, the war was done and he wasn't a shinigami anymore. What was wrong with enjoying a coffee as friends?

"I'm sorry, Ryuuken. I have to go now."

"I'm sorry I upset you."

"It's okay. You know, this is why I don't like you as much as Isshin, you don't ever let anyone inside." He stood up and placed his coat back on, he left money on the table for his own coffee and left the cafe.

Ryuuken looked....surprised.

1:12 pm

He cursed the moment he had accepted Ichigo's proposal. If he knew it would involve standing in the cold to wait for his date he would've been more stubborn.

The blonde blew into his hands, trying to warm them up more. Curses! He hadn't even brought gloves! How was he to know it would be so fucking cold! Dammit! Ichigo better hurry up, he was the one that proposed to meet at the entrance of the park, which Kisuke was sure now was the coldest place in the city.


Hearing his name, he turned to look at an orange headed youth running towards him. He couldn't help but smile a bit, also a little flattered that Ichigo had hurried up to meet him.

Ichigo panted as he stopped close by, his breath becoming visible in the the cold air.

"Sorry! Did you wait long? I got held back by the teacher, I didn't think it would take long."

He looked genuinely sorry. Kisuke couldn't help but smile, Ichigo could still be a little cute. He took his hand and kissed his cheek, gently making Ichigo shut up and blush across his cheeks.

"It's okay. I'm just glad you're here."

Ichigo smiled back.

Just then, Kisuke noticed how handsome Ichigo was. He'd grown taller, almost as tall as him. His muscles were defined but lean and his face looked just a bit older than what he really was. He really was very attractive....

"Everything okay? Your face is red, Kisuke...."

"Ah! I'm fine, I'm fine! Everything's fine, Ichigo-kun!" He laughed, squeezing Ichigo's hand a bit.

Ichigo grinned, squeezing it back. The sun seemed to shine just a bit brighter now.

To be continued...

A pretty short and weak chapter, I know, I'm sorry. But next chapter is gonna get more of the plot going, with this I just finished the setting and after this, everything's gonna down spiral into a pretty sad ending. If you want Ichigo and Kisuke to stay together or you don't like sad endings, please don't complain if you do read beyond this.


I LOVE sad ends!
And I love this fanfic!
It's just so...original. You always make them so in character and so....you know, you see how they age/mature and your psychologisation is simply the best! I envy you so...
It doesn't matter that it's short.
I love it anyways! Besides, I shouldn't be the one to complain about short chapters...*glance at the last chapters of her Kyou Kara Maou fanfics*
Continue soon!