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Gentle Nature

Dunno why I wrote this, I just felt like it...

Pairing: Unspecified, maybe Tousen/Kira?
Gentle Nature

Kira's hands were soft. Soft and warm, like gentle sun rays. He'd felt them once or twice, a fleeting brush, nothing special but certainly appreciated by he who not depend on his eyes.

He wondered if Ichimaru ever appreciated his lieutenant's warmth, of both body and soul. That little smile, unperceived. He couldn't see Kira's smile, but he could feel it, a smile of happiness and trust. Absolute trust.

He hated it. Absoluteness meant control; and naiveté, yet he couldn't blame the blonde for being so, his charm was that: innocence, so often confused with stupidity.

Kira was certainly not stupid; he was sensitive and caring, and way too trusting for his own good, it made him blind in a worst way than Tousen. But that made him so adorable, it was no wonder Ichimaru found it fun and easy to manipulate.

There was no one to protect him. No one his little heart could look to and find support. Hinamori was too distant, and Hisagi didn't need the company; Matsumoto was too busy bingeing to actually listen, and everyone else....didn't understand....

Kira Izuru was a good soul, gentle and good; pure. Unappreciated. And loved.



I really like this. It's short and sweet, and a nice look at things. I had never thought of that pairing before...

Also, may I say that I love the way your LJ looks? Layout is awesome.
Thanks~! I've been thinking of changing the layout but I'm being lazy about it ^^;;

As for the pairing, I dunno, but I can kinda see Tousen being attracted Kira, another reason he hates Ichimaru?