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(Fic) We were Lovers ~ Prologue

Haven't written anything in a while, but this is a chaptered fic (a long one...) so I hope I can finish it.

We were lovers
~ Prologue

Purple Lilac, First emotion of love

Kira absolutely believed in love at first sight, so when he first laid eyes on Hisagi Shuuhei, he felt that only that man would be the one to receive his heart.

Their friendship had solidified over the years, becoming more than comrades and brothers in arms but not the status Kira desired. Many nights the blonde spent in a lonely bed with just his hand, wishing Shuuhei's hands would roam along his body in a most sinful way, instead of pats or hugs or grab or hold him in a friendly way. It hurt.

Kira should've gotten the idea that Shuuhei would never be his, when Shuuhei happily informed him Matsumoto had decided to upgrade their relationship to friends with benefits. But he was stupidly stubborn and headstrong and held on to his current friendship with Shuuhei, hoping that one day Shuuhei would look at him and realize he had been there the whole time, like it happened in the novels he read and wrote.

Yet such an event would only occur in novels.

To be continued...