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I'm in despair

(Fic) We were lovers ~ Chapter 3

I haven't been in the mood to write lately, coupled with the fact that I have a hard time writing Isshin....anyway, sorry....

We were lovers



Chapter 3

Orange Lily, Hatred


"Ichigoooo!! I know you're in the spring of youth but stop arriving so laaaaaaate!!" Isshin whinned, jumping over Ichigo only to be kicked away.


"Ichigooooo!! How dare you hurt your father!?"


"Shut up old man, the girls are asleep," Ichigo replied cooly as he took off his jacket, placing it on the coat rack.


Isshin got up and narrowed his eyes as he noticed red marks on his sons neck. "What's that?"


Ichigo blinked and suddenly covered his neck, remembering the hickeys he'd received that day from his lover. "Nothing!"


"I know I saw something. Move your hand." The older man took a step towards his son, Ichigo dodged and hurried to the stairs.


"I said it's nothing! Leave me alone!"


The door of a slamming door resounded only a second later. Isshin frowned, it was true that Ichigo was an adult now, but he still felt he had to protect Ichigo, even from himself and his decisions.




“I know you and my son hace something going on,” Isshin said as the shopkeeper slid a cup of tea his way, raising an eyebrow.


“Well, yeah, training.” Urahara replied, unfazed.


“It’s not that…Kisuke, don’t try to lie to me.”


“I’m not lying-“


“You are!”


The blonde flinched just barely at the other man’s outburst. Had they been caught? Had they not been careful enough to keep their relationship a secret?


“Kisuke….I’ve seen it, the hickies on Ichigo.”


He tried not to gulp, maybe if he stayed still and unresponsive Isshin would believe him and forget his tirade.


“Why, Kisuke? He’s my son, you know that, why did you do it?”


“I’m telling you, I have no idea what—“


“Stop lying to me!” Isshin screamed as he threw the cup at his former friend, making him gasp as the warm water and ceramic hit him.


Suddenly Isshin felt a powerful punch on his jaw, and noticed that his son hurried to help his lover wipe the warm liquid from his face. So they had been lying….they had been keep secrets from him….


“Ichigo, let’s go home….”


“Are you crazy old man! You could’ve burned him!”


“It’s alright…the water wasn’t too hot…”


“Don’t excuse him, Kisuke! He tried to harm you!”


“Ichigo! I said let’s go home!”


“No way old man! I’m staying with him!”


Isshin walked over and hit Ichigo on the back of his neck, effectively knocking him out. As he picked him over his shoulder, he glared at his former friend with a mixture of hatred and disgust.


“Don’t come close to us ever again.” And he left.


To be continued….


Awww, protective parent. (don't we all know that one?)