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sad Rika

Higanbana - Chapter 3

Kisuke-centric hints of Kisuke/Isshin, Ryuuken/Kisuke, Ichigo/Kisuke.
Warning: angst, hurt/comfort

Chapter 3

November 21 8:00 a.m.
Senshou - Good luck before noon, bad luck afternoon

"So then he left?"

"Yeah. I'm not sure what to do. I don't wanna hurt him, and I don't wanna be in bad terms with Isshin either...."

"Then you just answered your own question. Tell him no. But then again, you wouldn't be wearing that worried frown if you intended to do that."

Another blonde rolled closer to Kisuke, grabbing his chin to turn his face and kiss said frown. "You're kinda cute like this."

"Oh, shut up." Kisuke rolled away, pulling the sheets closer as he laid on his side.

A soft chuckled followed him, pressing up against his back and wrapping an arm around his slim waist. He was about to say something but instead, kissed Kisuke's ear and nuzzled him a bit.

November 21
2:00 p.m.

Kisuke tightened his scarf around his neck more. The wind was really blowing today, he already couldn't feel the tip of his nose and a bit of his ears. He retightened his arms around himself and continued on his way, hopefully his friend would have some hot tea ready and wouldn't mind sharing some.

He knocked on the clinic door conspicuously and stuck his head inside.

"Hello~ May I come in?"

"Sure, Kisuke! Ryuuken came too."

Kisuke hid his frown with a smile, stepping inside and out of the cold. A warm cup of tea was placed into his hands as he unwrapped his scarf, he thanked the host and gulped down the warm liquid.

"So...I guess we all know why we're here."

Isshin spoke uncharacteristically solemn.

The blond would've preferred to talk to Isshin alone and of other private business besides this, but it didn't matter anymore.

"I won't be joining you on this." Ryuuken spoke and the other two nodded. It was understandable, that was his work ethic and it had worked just fine for him, besides, there was no point in starting another feud between shinigami and quincy if Ryuuken did interfere. Uryuu did that enough for him.

"And you, Kisuke?"

"Yamamoto already contacted me with plans to build a barrier around Karakura." He tipped his hat a little bit in an attempt to be silly and cut a bit of the tension in the room. Isshin grinned goofily back.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do~"

Ryuuken's eyes widened a bit. "You don't know? Aren't you gonna fight with them? What about Ichigo?"

Isshin didn't loose his smile but he looked down, slightly melancholic.

"He's been doing just fine without my help....besides, I don't even know if the Gotei 13 might want my help. It's better if I stay by the side-lines and interfere if things take a turn for the worst."

Silence enveloped the room.

Ryuuken finished his tea, touching both men on the shoulder as goodbye before going back to the windy outside.

Kisuke took his time a little more. He wanted to enjoy this moment with Isshin just a little more, even if it was cold and silent, because it could be the last.

About twenty minuted later, Isshin stood and stretched, walking over to one of the cots and straightening it up.

"Well, back to business."

The blond knew that was his cue to leave. He finished the rest of the tea and placed the cup on the table next to the other two, standing to rewrap his scarf tightly around his neck.

"I'll....see ya, Isshin."

"Yeah, see ya."

Kisuke wished he could do more than just pat Isshin's shoulder. A hug, a kiss...anything, anything that would offer a bit more than amicable comfort  and just a little bit of warmth to his own soul.

But no. Isshin did need that friendly support, not the reassurance Kisuke craved; reassurance of love, feelings...that he wasn't the only one alone in cold nights with a small part of himself missing.

It would never be enough to have other men between his legs if they couldn't worm their way into his heart, and he was sure there would never be another man like Kurosaki Isshin. Body, yes, he still kept that gigai in his backroom, but no gikongan could ever replicate the soul he had fallen in love with.

To be continued...Chapter 4

Originally it was gonna be longer, but it seemed like a good bittersweet ending to this chapter to so I decided to post it before scheduled.

Now, I can do shorter chapter in less time, 3-5 days, or longer chapter in longer time, 5-7 days, which would you prefer?