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sad Rika

(Fic) We were Lovers ~ Chapter 2

Yeeeeeahhh.....totally forgot I had to post, sorry....not a lot of Kira here, sorry...

We were lovers
Chapter 2

Light pink rose, Desire.

Kisuke felt deft fingers brush against the back of his neck, making the little hairs there stand on end, old passions resurfacing as those fingers slid further down and along his shoulder, under his clothes.

"Ichigo..." He whispered ardently, turning his head only to be met with a soft pair of lips on his own.

Ichigo's eighteenth birthday had only been a few weeks ago and on that date he'd confessed his feelings to a particular shopkeeper.

Urahara had been unsure of a relationship with Ichigo, the youth was considerably much younger than himself, and the son of a good friend of his, such a relationship could only end in the disagreement of one of the parties involved.

But, five days of courtship opened the way to the older blonde's home and sanctuary, along with the physical perks it included.

Ichigo kissed his lover deeply and slid around to sit on Kisuke's lap, his hands slowly undoing the ties and bows of the shopkeepers outfit.

"My, so eager, Ichigo-kun~" A teasing voice chuckled.

"You're not so far behind, Mr. Hat-and-clogs..." He whispered heatedly as Kisuke removed his shirt from his shoulders, kissing along the sun-kissed flesh.

Moans and gasps filled the air, muffling the creak of the wood under them as they embraced. Their age didn't matter anymore, Isshin didn't matter anymore, their losses during the war didn't matter anymore. Together, Ichigo's pain became tolerable, and Kisuke's loneliness dissipated.


The small shrine to Hisana grew a little in the Kuchiki house with the addition of Rukia's picture next to his sister's. Byakuya had allowed himself one day to cry and no more, his feelings were secondary to his duty as captain, so he immersed himself in work and training. It took his mind off of things, off of his sentiments and personal needs. His mentality narrowed even more and it showed in the aura he exuded, so much not even Renji confronted him about his new attitude and habit of staying up working until daybreak.

There was little the red-haired lieutenant could've done anyway, if he'd been dismissed before now he was completely ignored, unless Byakuya decided to address him to something work-related.

Not only did the Kuchiki head have to worry about the Gotei 13, but his own family had begun to stir trouble in his thoughts.

His family wanted an heir.

Not just any heir, born from whatever noble girl that happened to be available, but a strong heir, one that would not only continue the Kuchiki line but inherit captaincy of the 6th Division, like Byakuya had done from Ginrei. Rukia would've been a good candidate, she was already adopted into the family and although she had been unseated in the 13th Division, her abilities more than made up for it.

Unfortunately she was now dead.

An honorable death in battle but dead nonetheless. So it was Byakuya now who had to choose who to bring into the family to make them an heir.


Renji's voice broke through Byakuya's thoughts and he looked up from his paperwork, his pen still in the line to write his signature.

"Yes, Renji?"

"May I be excused? My work for the day is done."

Byakuya looked over at the red head's desk and noticed all the paperwork on the 'Done' pile. He knew another pile of to-do's would arrive in a few minutes, but he supposed he could cut Renji some slack and just do the rest of the work himself. More paperwork to bury himself in.

"Alright. You're excused."

Renji grinned widely and the noble couldn't help but stare a little. Renji was pretty handsome, his smile was warm and friendly and those tattoos made him look exotic. He was strong too, he already had bankai and he could see that Renji was growing stronger and stronger with each of their spars.


"Sorry," he looked down again. "You're dismissed."

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Renji give a little shrug and walked away. Renji was quite a fine shinigami, Byakuya realized, probably good enough to bear a Kuchiki heir.

To be continued...


I totally loled at the fact that Byakuya thinks Renji is fine enough of a Shinigami to bear a Kuchiki heir... HIS heir... XD

and yes Renji IS pretty handsome, isn't he? XD heheh can't wait to see how Byakuya is gonna get an heir outta Renji LOL :D
Oh mei. First off - so sad that Rukia is dead. :(

BUT your glimpse at Byakuya and Renji made up for it all the more! hehe So, may I assume that Byakyua might make a move soon? *eager and curious*

They are one of my most favourite pairs. <3 Much love that you included them in this story.