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sad Rika

(Fic) We were lovers ~ Chapter 4

We were Lovers
Chapter 4
Yellow Rose; Dying Love

The moment Renji got up and left the office, Byakuya used it to pour a strange liquid in his tea, before nervously going back to his seat and continue his work.


He’d convinced his elders that Renji would be the perfect carrier for a Kuchiki heir, since his reiatsu was high and already controled bankai, with their bloodlines combined it was almost assured that their child would be a powerful shinigami.

But at the same time….he felt a little guilty of what he was about to do….he was going to…practically rape his lieutenant, the man that trusted him almost completely after years of working together.


Byakuya convinced himself that Renji should be grateful to have such an honor, and it wasn’t just carrying the child, Renji would be accepted into the Kuchiki family as well and allowed access to their money and property and use them however he wanted.


Renji came back and finished the tea in a single gulp, going back to work more fervently tan before.


Byakuya sighed softly in relief. So he hadn’t noticed. That tea had been commisioned to Mayuri and would allow a male to bear the child of another male. He just had to wait for Renji to pass out and take him back to his estate and….deflower him.


He just hoped Renji could forgive him someday.



“This is not fair old man! Let me out!”


Ichigo banged on his own bedroom door from inside. Just as Isshin feared, he would go back to that lecherous shopkeeper as soon as he looked the other way, so he’d sealed the room with kidou, just as prevention.


“It’s for your own good, Ichigo.”


“My own good my ass!! Let me go! I’m not your prisoner!”


Isshin sighed. Ichigo had turned way too rebellious, but he probably had a bit of fault in that in the way he raised his son.


“You can’t keep me away from Kisuke!! Or don’t tell me that you—“




“Don’t tell me that you are jealous of us?”


Isshin’s breath got stuck in his throat. Had Kisuke told him?


“Don’t tell me you’re jealous of us….Dad! I can’t believe you! If you’re in love with him too then fight fair!! If you love Kisuke—“

Isshin punched the door. “Don’t talk like you know anything!!”


Ichigo fell silent for the moment.


“Yes. We were lovers….but that was a long time ago, it’s over now….”


“…Dad….why didn’t you tell me…”


Isshin nursed his knuckles. Why hadn’t he? Kisuke and he were such good friends now…and Ichigo knew he had been shinigami, why hadn’t he told Ichigo before?


“Kisuke and I….Kisuke betrayed me….”




“He chated on me….with Hirako Shinji.”

To be continued...


Maaa, the plot thickens!!

I like having the different stories going on at the same time. =)
Wohoo! This is getting better and better. I like that you manage to keep several story lines afloat at the same time. :)